Releasing Toxic Shame

This is a lesson and guided visualization to help you reconnect with yourself and the universe so you can release the toxic shame caused by abuse and learn how to replace it with deep states of inner peace and unity. 

Connection is a state of being, not a physical proximity. 

When you are disconnected from yourself you are not living in authenticity. When you are disconnected from yourself you are unaware of your true needs, feelings and perceptions of reality. 

When you feel disconnected from others you feel lonely, isolated, and a sense of not belonging.

When you are disconnected from the universe around you, you feel truly alone in the world. Without a sense of connection, you feel like nothing you do matters and no one really even sees you. You may even have moments where you question if you have the right to exist at all. This causes a deep sense of shame.

This state of disconnection is the root of deep shame and unworthiness.

Connection is a state beyond the limits of your psychology and physiology where you experience a transpersonal state of being, revealing to you the inner knowing that you are part of everything.  

Learning how to access a state of connection from within is a powerful tool in your spiritual healing which has profound effects on your wellbeing by reducing loneliness and shame. It all starts within. 


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