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Why Work With Meredith?

You will leave each 90-min session with an action plan to start taking steps forward now. The plan is like a map out of the woods. If you follow the plan, you will be successfully moving forward with increasing levels of self-awareness, empowerment and purpose.

After a decade working in the holistic wellness field helping people increase self-awareness and balance emotions in the aftermath of difficult life experiences such as trauma and abuse, I've discovered that the first step to changing anything has to do with awareness and perspective.

As you become more self-aware, you naturally shift your perspective of what happened to you in the past and how that relates to where you are now.

Once you realize that you have the freedom to take new actions, you can put those into practice and you will see new results.

Your new results will shift your perspective even more and you'll liberate yourself from the beliefs that were once holding you down.

Soon your entire reality paradigm will shift out of the negativity and into a more positive outlook which then transforms the way you experience life. 

Training the mind to work differently is a lot like training the body. It takes your body and nervous system about 30 days to register the new changes and about 90 days to have fully formed new neurological patterns and habits. Transformation is possible, it just requires dedication through consistent work over time. It will be worth it!

Let me show you how!

"Meredith is very knowledgable, compassionate and has a heart-warming spirit. I was lucky to have found her during the time when I really needed someone to open my eyes and help me see through the trauma and the situation that I was in. She helped me process through something painful and oppressive. She herself has had similar experience so I felt like she really heard what I had to say. I was able to reach back to the source, the root of the problem that has haunted me since childhood. She is great at turning trauma into a sense of purpose and passion. With her I was quickly able to break through that ceiling. I’m very thankful for her and what she is doing for the world and what she’s done for me."

- Anonymous (Poland)

"All these strategy sessions I’ve had with Meredith were like a burst of light into my life to help me in a practical way to solve the problems and how to handle PTSD, how to handle anger, how to handle sadness, having someone who understands what you’re taking about and has experienced something similar. Before I had these strategy sessions, I went through the normal system of therapy but it wasn’t helping at all. The advice was to fix the friendship, but this friend was actually a sociopath and was really trying to destroy me. Before I discovered what was it, I was googling for information on the internet and found Meredith’s YouTube videos. I knew I needed to speak to her. My gut feeling was right. She’s the person that helped me a lot. Without her help I wouldn’t be where I am right now."

– Anonymous (Australia)

Featured Courses

12-Week SANA Audio Series (Intermediate)

Connect with a deeper understanding of what you went through in this 3-month journey of self-healing after narcissistic abuse.

This self-healing resource will provide you with a holistic map out of the woods so you can gain the clarity you need to start moving forward. Discover a step-by-step action plan that will help you take the reigns of your destiny back in your hands so you can increase your awareness and strength to transform your life.


Self-Care Mastery Course (Advanced)

Learn how to master the 5 domains of self-care so you can develop a healthy relationship with yourself.

This is your next-level opportunity to eradicate your self-sacrificing patterns by addressing the roots of the issues caused by abuse. As you put into practice these new tools you will master the art of self-care and create a new way of life, walking away from the past for good.


Featured Books

Freedom From The Story

From Trauma To Passion & Purpose

Freedom From The Story is essentially a journey of spiritual awakening. This book takes the reader into the realm of the author's personal healing journey, wandering from the Andes Mountains of Peru to various places in her native country. Along the way, she realized that the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and psychologically abusive adult relationships once holding her captive, became her ticket to freedom. It was the wound that catapulted her into a greater sense of passion and purpose. This book takes it a step further from the personal to the collective, as the author presents the societal implications of abuse and trauma, and the importance of breaking the silence surrounding these issues in order to move forward as a thriving society, creating a more prosperous future.


New Book Coming Soon!

The 3 Stages of Recovery After Narcissistic Abuse

This book will soon be available on In the current available literature on narcissistic abuse, what's missing is a clear and comprehensive guide to the stages of recovery. After enduring this invisible form of abuse, the person leaving the abusive relationship is left to wonder how to heal from this point and what does healing look like. In this book, the author outlines the characteristic symptoms of each stage of recovery after narcissistic abuse, along with the necessary parameters of self-work that takes place during each stage in order to keep moving forward. Pieces of the author's own healing journey are included in order to make it real and relatable for the reader.     


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