Bridging the Gap
Between Trauma & Purpose

Hi, I'm Meredith Miller.

Welcome to Inner Integration! 

I'm a holistic coach, author and speaker. My mission is bridging the gap between trauma and purpose.

I help people transmute the past into gold so they can step into their Divine purpose and make a difference in the world around them.

I'm a generational curse breaker and legacy transformer. I've been on a path of spiritual awakening and personal evolution for 20+ years. Along the way, I've studied many modalities of holistic healing and life coaching.

I'm passionate about helping people liberate themselves and evolve so they can live as free, empowered, responsible, awakened, purposeful and actualized human beings who contribute to the liberation and evolution of others in their own unique ways.


Existential Crisis & Regeneration

The 2024 Cosmic Invitation

We've been individually and collectively experiencing waves of existential crisis in the post-2020 era. Crisis is both danger and opportunity. The danger is getting lost or giving up—the opportunity is regeneration.

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Regenerating Resilience

Integrating the Past to Create a New Future

If the existential crisis is the cosmic invitation for individuals and society, the choice to emerge and evolve from this story is ours. This opens a path for humanity and future generations. We can repurpose our legacy and pass on the resilience.

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The 2020s Resilience Workbook

Holistic tools for emerging & evolving in a changing world

Start creating a new dialog between the past, present and future. This workbook can help you gain a clearer vision of your holistic resilience, opening a path for strengthening the human spirit during these challenging times on Planet Earth.


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Work with Me

Alchemy Awakening

Transmuting the Past into Gold

a private 1:1 advanced 12-week transformational journey for personal evolution and resilience


Legacy Repurposing

Transforming Wounds into a Legacy of Light

an advanced 8-week group transformational journey of personal and ancestral healing


Inner Child Integration

Restoring Wholeness to Your Soul

a private 1:1 high-intermediate level holistic healing process for liberation and renewal to restore your inner light


Transformational Experiences

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia
Naturally Inspired Radio
Holistic Nutritionist 

I first found Meredith’s work in 2020. I was struggling to understand the dynamic of abuse that was occurring on a mass scale with lockdowns, coercion and shaming.

Meredith articulated the patterns of abuse so well that she helped me recognize it in real time and I was able to advocate for myself and others. I’ve watched many of Meredith’s videos on narcissistic abuse, trauma, gaslighting and consent.

When I committed to a personal program with Meredith my understanding and healing journey went to a whole new level. Her work is powerful and exponential because as a parent I am now capable of teaching my children how to identify abuse and advocate for themselves.

As a radio show host and holistic nutritionist I relay what I’ve learned from Meredith to my audience and clients everyday. This was the missing piece I needed to be able to provide solutions to those around me.

I am so grateful to have found Meredith and am confident the healing she helps facilitate is and will continue to empower the masses.

Rick Belden
Poet / Author / Artist / Men's Coach

Meredith Miller is doing unique, dynamic, deeply effective next-level work unlike anything else I've encountered in my nearly forty-year journey of personal growth, healing, and development. The benefits I've experienced, and continue to experience, from my time with Meredith far exceed anything I expected, or even could have imagined, prior to starting with her.

The sheer volume of material we addressed continues to amaze me when I reflect on it in retrospect. Meredith is somehow capable of being very thorough, not missing anything of consequence, while being highly efficient at the same time. She approached every issue I presented with respect, understanding, and kindness, whatever its nature. She is patient and generous.

The notes and audio recording Meredith provided were valuable assets in processing and integrating my experience after each session. She kept the entire experience grounded and pragmatic in a way that made it very easy for me to apply what I'd learned in my life right away and prepare myself for the next session.

Every aspect of my life (personal, professional, inner, outer, etc.) has been shifted into a new phase thanks to my time with Meredith, and I couldn't possibly recommend her more highly to anyone who's ready to shake off the old stories and kick life up to the next level.


Jamin Van Dillen

Before working with Meredith I was a wreck, financially busted, suicidal and living in my car for a month and a half. Once I started working with her we went into unraveling layers from my past traumatic incidences. After each session I'd feel a little bit better and the more continuous sessions I did with her, the layers started to shed faster and faster. 

Today looking back I'm amazed cause I was at such a low prior to working with her. I wanted to die more than I wanted to live. Now I feel dramatically different, I'm making more money, focused on purposeful things and creating more. I'm so grateful for her and I look forward to seeing myself continue to grow with the work we are doing together.






James Higgins
European & USA Yoga & Meditation Instructor

My sessions with Meredith Miller were invaluable. She shines a bright light, revealing and healing with me all that needed clarity and restoration. Her intelligence and intuition go hand in hand in holding a safe, reflective, and sometimes welcome humorous space. She is a sharp professional; her integrity and presence met me every step of the way, drawing out information from the depth of my being. She is a treasure. I loved the time I spent working with her and continue to benefit from it.