Inner Child Integration

This is a guided visualization to help you reconnect with your Inner Child to gain insights and reconnect him/her with your Inner Parent. You'll make a vow to your Inner Child that you'll be there to meet his/her needs happily and then integrate him/her back into your heart. 

This work is so important to rescue our Inner Child who is still waiting and hoping for mom or dad to nurture him/her as needed. Until we re-integrate the fragmented Inner Child, we will be unconsciously guided by his/her desperate needs and childish temper tantrums. This creates a sense of deep shame, a dependence on others, a perpetual seeking of a savior or rescuer, someone to bring the love that was never given, continually attracting abusive and manipulative people.

After childhood abuse and neglect, our Inner Child feels abandoned, lonely and rejected. This carries through into adulthood when we feel unheard, unseen and unworthy. When we stop abandoning ourselves, we stop accepting people who abandon us.

When we shift the relationship between our Inner Child and Inner Parent, we create a healthy new dynamic of self-reliance, self-care and self-love. Then we are able to feel better about ourselves, we aren't seeking anything desperately, we can recognize what's right for us and what's not. We will have the confidence that we can identify our own needs and meet them, feeling empowered in the process. 

5Hz Isochronic Tone with Chords - Heart Chakra background music by Sonic Yogi


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