Timeline Tracking & Extracting Seeds Of Purpose

This is a guided visualization to help you track the feeling of your wound so you can reprogram it, extracting the seeds of purpose and redirecting yourself from the past into the present. 

You are the Observer and Witness of your life. This practice will help you take a tour through the timeline of your life as you observe the repetition of that feeling triggering your wound so you can upgrade the holographic blueprint.

Linear time does not exist but in the human mind. Past, present, future... it's all really here and now. This is how the past is able to still affect you as if it were still happening.

This practice can create cathartic turning point from your orientation toward the past into your reorientation toward the present and moving forward into the future.

The bigger we grow our sense of purpose, the more it magnetizes us forward and out of the gravity of the past. Purpose is our WHY. You have a unique life purpose and this practice will help you connect with it by first visiting your wound and then initiating the transmutation process from trauma to purpose. The seeds of purpose are found in your wound. 

Background music: Sea Waves on a Beach 3D Binaural de MIRKIC


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