Psychosomatic Awareness & Integration

This is a guided visualization to help you reconnect your body-mind-spirit in order to feel your intuition and process the trauma stored.

If you've felt a disconnect between your body and mind, this practice can help you to reconnect and open a clear channel of communication between the various aspects of your being, and to express or emote the trapped energy of emotions stored in your body's memory.

Essentially this practice will help you become more aware of your truth.

Get an additional level of understanding of your pain, tension, and recurring patterns so you can connect with the message behind the symptom so you can take new action to heal the root of the problem. 

Psychosomatic means mind/soul-body. Psychosomatic symptoms appear when we are in disconnect or suppressing emotions and stress. It's important to become aware of the messages and take new action toward your wellbeing.

Alpha binaural meditation music is used in the background to help entrain your brainwaves in the alpha frequency range. For best results, use headphones. 



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